Stanislav Lebedenko

Software Architect

Company: Sigma Software

Stream: С

Time: 12:00 - 12:45

Country: Ukraine

Language: English

Talk: Tackling application complexity with DAPR and OAM.

About the Speaker

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Microsoft certified trainer and Azure Solutions Architect Expert Any other info about you: Co-organizer of Odesa .NET/Azure user group.

Talk: Tackling application complexity with DAPR and OAM.

DAPR adoption is steadily growing since the spring release but is it production-ready? Are all the necessary options are out of the preview? Can you really switch between storages and message brokers, how it can handle the load, and is it really simplify the development and portability of applications? Or it is yet another service mesh for Kubernetes that is not built for developers?
I will try to answer these questions and show how applications built with DAPR performs under the heavy load, explaining possible problems and things to be aware of. And show how DAPR based apps complement Azure Container Apps service.