DAY 1, 22 May
15:00 - 15:45

Track C

Stas Lebedenko
Senior Software developer, MVP
Sigma Software


Stas Lebedenko is a Microsoft Azure MVP, speaker and author, an active member of Ukraine .NET/Azure communities and co-organizer of Odesa Microsoft .NET user group. He is driving solution architecture changes and writing code @SigmaSoftware. Azure Serverless fan and positive geek.

Talk: Serverless storages in Azure: how to choose the correct one.

Serverless solutions are gaining ground, and it's essential to select optimal storage for your Azure Functions application. In this session, I'll share decision flow on how to choose between SQL Serverless, Cosmos DB, and Table storage. How can these storages handle spikes from 100 to 10000 writes per second, and can they save you budget during the idle period? And what might be the best option for occasional read/write operations? During this session, I will answer these questions and provide live load test results.